TBL/LibertyActual IFAK

We at ThiccBoogLine are proud to introduce our very first Individual First Aid Kit: The TBL Basic Boog IFAK. As a distributor for products from North American Rescue, we are bringing this IFAK to the people with only the best components that we are confident in standing behind. The Basic kit includes:

-1 C-A-T 7 Tourniquet, approved by TCCC to control and stop hemorrhages
-1 NAR S-rolled compressed sterile gauze 
-1 NAR 4in. Emergency Trauma Dressing
-1 Hyfin Vented Compact Chest Seal, Twin Pack
-1 pair of matched Emergency Shears
-2 Pro First Aid sterile compressed gauze

This IFAK has all the basics needed to control hemorrhages in the field until help arrives. The Premium IFAK contains everything the Basic IFAK does, and also comes with:

-1 additional C-A-T 7 Tourniquet 
-1 QuikClot 3in x 4yd Combat Gauze. This hemostatic gauze is sterile and vacuum packed for long-term storage. Expiration dates range from 2024-2025.

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